The Beans We Brew

Outstanding coffee can change our lives and the lives of those who pick our beans.

We know that fresh coffee can have an impact on those of us who drink it–coffee can impact our mood, our productivity, our health. That’s why we brew beans, roasted fresh for Union.

Our beans don’t grow stale in a warehouse, waiting for an order. Instead our roaster purchases beans and custom-roasts when we order. Once roasted and cooled, beans are mailed overnight to us as Union so that you get the best possible cup of coffee.

Just as important as the taste, is the way we get our beans. We are so proud that our roasterĀ participates in theĀ One Harvest program that goes beyond fair trade practices to ensure that we take care of the men and women who pick and prepare our beans. They purchaseĀ beans directly from the farmer, reducing the cost of a middleman and increasing the level of accountability to positive working conditions through regular site visits.

At Union, we want you to taste the difference of life-changing coffee.

espresso pour