Capes 4 Kids

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Behind Every Great Superhero is a Great CapeA Great Cape

Capes 4 Kids is an initiative from Union (in partnership with Urban Spool) that transforms children fighting chronic illnesses into superheroes with the power of a cape and encouraging words. Our plan is simple.

1) One Saturday a month, we transform Union into a cape-making factory where we churn out as many kid-sized capes as we can.

2) We have a team of people who dress up like superheroes and, along with some non-uniformed sidekicks, deliver the capes to kids in area hospitals.

3) High-fives all around.

You can help make a difference in our quest by donating funds or fabric (100% cotton, 1 yard or larger, single color or kid-friendly prints). You can also help make capes (no sewing / crafting experience necessary, but it doesn’t hurt) and/or deliver capes to kids. Click Here for volunteer information.


In addition to generous donations of fabric from individuals and organizations like Urban Spool, C4K raised roughly $3,000 in a kickstarter campaign. We are so grateful to all of our donors. Check out this video that helped inspire their donations.

If you know any of the backers below, please make sure to thank them:


Donna Miller


Cody Reynolds


Daniel Magoon


Lynne Brooks

Anonymous Dallas Resident



Ben Hensley

Preston Miller

Rachel Bryan

Allison Vierus

Amanda Mayer

Cynthia Bee & Christine Ishmael

David Waldheim

Carl Erikson


TOWoEOS Lyrael

Megan Myers

Tieg Zaharia

Ryan K.

Margaret Sullivan

Miguel Rodriguez

Tiphanie Spradlin

Bethany Stolle

Stephen Christopher Christy

Matthew Hall

Hannah Cauley

John Hergenroeder

Mark Richter